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  Tax, Business, and Financial Services
       Selecting proper business form of doing business
        Complex Tax Return Preparation Services
        Estate Tax Planning, including the review of wills and trusts
        IRS Representation, including Tax Audits and IRS Appeals
        Offers in Compromise
        Payroll Tax Problems
        Liens and Levies
        Installment Agreements
        Asset Seizures or Wage Garnishments
        Overdue Non-filed Tax Returns

  Tax Return Preparation
        A Sole Proprietor, an unincorporated business owned by only one
          individual usually will need to file:
          Income Tax, 1040 and Schedule C or C-EZ
           Self-employment tax, 1040 and Schedule SE
          Estimated tax, 1040-ES

       A Sole Proprietor's Employment Tax Forms are:
          State employment taxes, DE-6, DE-7, DE-88
          Social Security and Medicare, income and withholding taxes, 941
               (943 for farm employees)
          Federal unemployment (FUTA) tax, 940 or 940-EZ
          Depositing employment taxes, 8190

        A Partnership of two or more persons who jointly carry on a trade or
          business usually will need to file:
          Annual return of income, 1065
          Employment taxes, same as sole proprietor
          Excise taxes

        A Partner's Employment Tax Forms are:
          Income tax, 1040 and Schedule E
          Self-employment tax, 1040 and Schedule SE
          Estimated tax, 1040-ES

        A Corporation, incorporated as a legal entity under applicable law usually
          will need to file:
          Income tax, 1120 or 1120-A (Corporation), 1120S (S Corporation)
          Estimated tax, 1120 or 1120-A (Corporation), 1120S (S Corporation)
          Employment taxes, same as sole proprietor
          Excise taxes

  Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
       Customized Bookkeeping
       Cash or Accrual Accounting Methods
        Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and similar Important Financial Reports
        Quarterly and Annual Federal and State Payroll Tax Reporting
        Financial Analysis & Projections

  Taxpayer Representation
        We can appear on your behalf before the examination division.
        We can negotiate an Offer In Compromise or other collection plan to
          resolve your past due tax.
        We can appeal a proposed or enforced IRS collection action, such as levy
          or seizure of wages, bank accounts, and other property.
        We can request a discharge, withdrawal, or release of a federal tax lien
          under certain conditions.
        We can prepare and file past due tax returns from multiple prior years.
        We can protect you against a "responsible and willful" Trust Fund Penalty
          determination by the IRS.
        We can petition for Penalty Abatement and/or Restricted Interest
          Adjustment where applicable.

  Qualified to Represent your Case
        An Enrolled Agent (EA) is licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue
        Practice before the Internal Revenue Service includes representation of
          taxpayers before all administrative levels, including appeals, examination,
          and collection divisions.
        Unlike Attorneys and CPAs who may choose to specialize in other areas
          of practice,
        Enrolled Agents must pass a comprehensive two-day examination covering
          federal tax law, theory, and practice in addition to undergoing a strict
          government background check.
        We have Enrolled Agents (EA's) always ready to handle your situation.

  Taxpayer Representation Services
        We will review and prepare your case for an IRS audit or State tax audit.
        For most audits and examinations we can represent you without your
          having to be present or in attendance.
        Most audits and examinations can be arranged to take place at our office
          rather than your place of business.
        Most of our clients prefer audits and examinations to be held at our offices.

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